Anton Ionov

antonFamily Business Leader, Commonwealth of Independent States

Sadovnicheskaya nab. 77, bld. 1
115035 Moscow

Phone: +7 495 755 9747

Anton leads EY’s Personal Tax Services in Moscow. His practice specializes in US and Russian personal income tax, social tax and immigration legislation, pension and labor law, tax optimization and planning, and supervising US and Russian personal income tax returns for corporations and individuals.


Anton has almost 15 years’ experience of advising private clients and global international corporations on issues in international taxation. His wide exposure to complex US tax planning includes dealing with expatriation of profits and a variety of business structures, such as trusts, passive companies, controlled corporations and partnerships.

From his work in EY’s London and Moscow practices, Anton has extensive HR-related experience in international tax.


Anton is a US Certified Public Accountant and qualified as a US tax advisor. He has an Honors Degree from the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics, and a Diploma in Finance.


Anton has worked with clients including Leroy Merlin, Royal Bank of Scotland, Maison Dellos, Centrobuv, Qiwi, Kingfisher, Zoloto 585, and investment company, Vysota.

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