The Top 10 EY Family Business Findings of 2015

ALT TAGCarrie Hall, EY Americas Family Business Leader

With the beginning of a new year, it is the perfect time for a retrospective of the top ten EY Family Business findings of 2015 based on our analysis from the global family business survey.  Continue reading

Success is so sweet for The Jelly Bean Factory

It’s all smiles for father and son Peter and Richard Cullen who stand head and shoulders above their confectionery competitors. The brand they have created from their base in Ireland, The Jelly Bean Factory, is a sweet sensation in the UK, across Europe and the Middle East, and around the world.

Seventy-year-old Peter and Richard, 49 – “Old Bean” and “Big Bean”, according to their business cards – are clearly enjoying their success and are very proud to be up to their necks in producing a high-end, naturally sweet, premium product.

jelly bean for blog

The Jelly Bean Factory – a taste sensation

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The big themes for family businesses

Recently, I asked myself, “What could be a new and lively way to share the knowledge that EY and others have on family businesses?” So, with ideas from colleagues, we came up with the concept of the EY Family Business blog. What’s behind it? Well, I think it’s straightforward. EY experts, family business managers and academics will discuss ideas pertinent to global family businesses. New entries will be posted weekly.

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